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European Economy, 2014 – Excerpt from: Looming Catastrophe Part 2 (#45)

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Ashok Dhillon


  1. Trump in Davos – The False Prophet (Fiction vs Facts) (#147)
    23 Jan, 2020
    Trump in Davos – The False Prophet (Fiction vs Facts) (#147)
    For a time, escaping the turmoil he continues to create in his own Country, Trump arrived in Davos to be his true self, which for him was to be at his falsehoods spewing best. But now the World knows him, and they apply a healthy ‘Trump Discount’ to everything he says, which means that ninety percent of Trump-speak can be discounted. His speech in Davos was described by some as, ‘endless, tedious, bombastic, mostly unsubstantiated claims’, and that would pretty much describe most of his
  2. US, Mexico, Canada – Make the Trade Deal, Finally (#146)
    11 Dec, 2019
    US, Mexico, Canada – Make the Trade Deal, Finally (#146)
    Almost a year after being ‘agreed to’,  one of the World’s largest trading blocks, Canada, the United States and Mexico, have finally agreed to a trade deal, called the US - Mexico - Canada Agreement ('USMCA') after considerable revisions. In spite of Donald Trump hailing it as far superior to the old NAFTA ('North American Free Trade Agreement'), a far more precise name for those that prefer such things, USMCA is known in the more informed circles as NAFTA 2.1, the unrevised version being NAFTA
  3. America’s Continuing Decent – Reverse MAGA (#145)
    22 Nov, 2019
    America’s Continuing Decent – Reverse MAGA (#145)
    Watching the Impeachment Hearings over the past few days, and listening to the Republicans determinedly deny the facts underlying every witness’s testimony, regardless of how ridiculous the denials, the Biblical verse came to mind, ‘For what shall it profit a man, if he should gain the whole World, but lose his own soul’ (Mark 8:36 King James Version). It is abundantly clear that neither Trump nor the Republicans put much stock in religious teachings, regardless of their sham public displays of
  4. Canada’s Don Cherry – And The Injustice of Ignorance (#144)
    14 Nov, 2019
    Canada’s Don Cherry – And The Injustice of Ignorance (#144)
    Don Cherry is an icon in Canada, albeit a deeply flawed one. As a former National Hockey League (NHL) Coach, commentator and TV personality, he is famous for his bombastic commentary, his equally bombastic over-the-top dressing style, and more importantly, his preference for a no-nonsense, take-no-prisoners type of hockey play, where few hockey teams and hockey playing countries escape his dismissal as too namby-pamby by his standards of tough real hockey-play. Don Cherry is venerated in this
  5. Fight For the Soul of America – Facts vs Fiction (#143)
    06 Nov, 2019
    Fight For the Soul of America – Facts vs Fiction (#143)
    Under Trump, America has changed and arguably for the worse. It no longer represents leadership in the World for liberal progressive values that were written into its much admired ‘Constitution’ by its ‘Founders’; values of freedom, democracy, equality, truthfulness, institutionalized justice and fairness,  sanctuary for all who sought its shores from political tyranny, economic servitude and hardship. For decades after WWII, America was the ‘Shining Light on the Hill’ for humanity, who for the
  6. Canada’s Election – Country Stays Liberal, Just Barely (#142)
    23 Oct, 2019
    Canada’s Election – Country Stays Liberal, Just Barely (#142)
    The Canadian Liberal Party led by the incumbent Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, managed to hold on to power, albeit just barely. Hurt by a number of missteps, broken promises, an air of hubris, and some serious ethical and social scandals in his first term, Justin Trudeau lost his sweeping majority from the last election, but won a Minority Government nevertheless. Canadians, though disappointed by Trudeau Government’s first term, decided to back him anyway, and stay ‘Liberal and Progressive’
  7. Ginger Baker - In Time (#141)
    07 Oct, 2019
    Ginger Baker - In Time (#141)
    It was 1969, my senior graduating year, when I first heard the music of the English blues-rock-band, ‘Cream’, founded by the drummer Ginger Baker in 1966, with bass player Jack Bruce, and the lead guitarist Eric Clapton. The trio, Cream, lasted just two years but in those two years they ‘changed the World of Rock’ and became the first ever ‘super band’. Ginger Baker went-on to be known as the most innovative, influential drummer in rock music, who would influence generations of ‘rock drummers’;
  8. Trump Provides the Crimes – The Republicans Deny & Deny (#140)
    30 Sep, 2019
    Trump Provides the Crimes – The Republicans Deny & Deny (#140)
    In repeated extraordinary displays of brazen denials, the Republicans have turned the US government into a crime syndicate, whose chosen Boss is obviously Trump, but whose Republican Senators and Congressmen Lawmaker’s secret oath to protect the 'Boss' with straight-faced lies, and repeated stubborn denials of reality, would turn the most hardened Mafia Boss green with envy. Republicans now belong to Trump, and except for a very few, they dare not cross him in fear for the political lives, as
  9. A Bad Week for the Two Rogues - Trump/Boris (#139)
    26 Sep, 2019
    A Bad Week for the Two Rogues - Trump/Boris (#139)
    Two former bastions of democracy and the rule-of-law, the United States (US) and the United Kingdom (UK), are currently being led by two rogues who are known to lie consistently to achieve their political and personal agendas, and who flaunt the rule-of-law in their pursuit of political goals and the resultant political power that follows. Well, they both had a bad week, where their actions resulted in a serious blowbacks they obviously hadn’t anticipated in their calculations. In the US, as a